Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Twisted Mix-Tape Tuesday: M is for Missing You

It's Tuesday!  Time to link up with Jen, who blogs at My Skewed View for this week's Season Finale of Twisted Mix-Tape!
The rules are simple and two:  Five songs.  Stick to the theme.

This week’s theme is Missing You . . .
. . . and slap my ass and call me Sherly, but how fucking neat is it that this week's A-to-Z Challenge letter - M - coincides so perfectly with this week's Season Finale of Twisted Mix-Tape Tuesday?!?

Crazy, right?!

I miss Wednesday night karaoke at Kelly's Bar.

About twelve years ago or so, I was playing in a local university wind ensemble.  (Same ensemble I came back to this semester, actually . . . same ensemble, different conductor, same insanity . .  . but I digress . . . )  Rehearsals were on Wednesday evenings. After rehearsal, a few of us would head on down the road to Kelly's Bar for cheap drinks, free pool, and karaoke.  I would sing Moondance, every week, without fail . . . and every week, without fail, I would be late for work on Thursday morning.

Good times.

I miss Thursday nights at Casey's.

Back in 1996-ish, Thursday nights at Casey's were crazy.  There were amazing local bands.  Mere Mortals, The Pee-Pees, The Pete & Todd Band, Pete & Billy . . . ~sigh~  Great times.  One of the staples, no matter the band, was Margaritaville.

Where the fuck is my shaker of salt, I wonder?

I miss Plains Jr. High Jazz Band.

I was in 8th grade, and the year was 1991.  I played lead tenor sax, and Mercy, Mercy Me was my absolute favorite chart on the program.  The other charts were The Simpsons Theme, In the Mood, Peter Gunn Theme, and Chameleon.

I miss hanging out with my friend, Jamie.

Whenever I hear this song, I'm reminded of the summer of '97, during which my friend Jamie and I spent a ridiculous amount of time at The Staircase Lounge, drinking underage, generally causing mayhem, and having the time of our lives.  There are a few things I always associate with that summer at The Staircase:  Sambuca, strawberry daiquiris, Cucumber Melon body wash from Bath & Body Works, and a car-cigarette-lighter-powered vibrator.

It's probably best if you don't ask about that last one.

I miss road trips with my husband.

Before our younger kids came along, whenever our older kids were with their dad for the weekend, my husband and I would take off on random road trips . . . usually, we'd end up at the beach, so "random" isn't really the best description, but whatever.  We'd throw a driving CD in the car player - always something that my husband had burned - and we'd be off. The first time I ever heard Moonshadow, it was on one of my husband's mixed CDs, and it was love at first listen.  I always considered my music repertoire to be vast and varied . . . but my husband, to this day, still manages to introduce me to new things, and he never fails to surprise me with his just-as-vast, yet-even-more-varied repertoire.


And that's it for Twisted Mix-Tape Tuesday for a while!


It's on hiatus, but it will return, so I'm keeping a smile on my face . . . even though I am really going to miss this wonderful weekly gathering while it's gone.

I haven't been this sad about a hiatus since my Buffy was on the air!

All hail Joss . . . just sayin'.

It's always a good time with Jen at My Skewed View, however; so with or without weekly mixed tapes, I'll still be stalking visiting her pretty regular, and I'm sure I won't be the only one.  And there's always the Facebook Group, too!

So, until next time . . . !